Games to Play On the Road

Whether your drive is simply a boring commute to work or a long road trip, it’s always nice to have something to do to get your mind off of the road ahead and remain stimulated so there is no fear of you falling asleep at the wheel. So, how do you solve the problem of staying alert while driving? Try playing some games.

One game you can play on the road is a type of bingo with music. To start, turn on a general music station, one that plays as close to a wide variety as possible. Whatever genre the first song you hear is starts off the combination. To get a bingo, try to get 5 in a row that are different genres. For example, say the first song you hear is a pop song, try to get a rock song, country song, hip-hop and a song from the 80s or 90s in any order. Getting all five without any repeats constitutes a bingo. This game is tricky while allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of music at the same time. There are other variations of this game that you can play, but the best for driving is the music version.

Another game you can play while driving is the ABC game. There are a few different variations of this game, and in this article, you will learn 2 of them. The first version is through license plates. Basically as you pass cars, you start with the letter A until you spot all the letters in the alphabet in order. Another variation is by using all the signs you see. This one can be trickier to spot all the letters in order, but for long drives, it causes you to pay attention and your mind remains stimulated so you don’t accidentally fall asleep at the wheel.

An old, but popular, game to play is I Spy. This will require you to be with other people, but it can still be a time consuming game that requires everyone in the car to be alert and on the lookout. Basically, you start off with one person being the spier. The spier says “I spy with my little eye, something…” and the person chooses something based on a color or shape or some other descriptive adjective. Then, everyone else tries to guess what the person is spying. The person who guesses correctly becomes the spier.

This final game will also require you to have at least one other person in the car, but it is still a time consuming game that can make a drive easier. 20 questions is as easy as it sounds. One person thinks of an object or person and the other person asks 20 questions until they can guess what the other person is thinking of. Then the roles switch.

All of these games are a good way for drivers or passengers to remain occupied and alert during a long or even short drive. By participating in these games, you can remain alert and help the time fly to get to your destination.