Before They Tere Famous They Hated Their Jobs

Before famous bands and their members were famous they had day just like the average person. In some cases their jobs were worst. There are many famous band members that had jobs before they became famous.

Before Ozzy Osborne became famous and lead the band Black Sabbath and his sole career he held a very bad job. In England Ozzy worked at a slaughterhouse. He had to help kill the cows there were made into food. He was in this position for around two years. The conditions at the slaughter house were so gross and bloody that even Ozzy was glad to get away from it. Besides Ozzy there was another member of Black Sabbath that had a really  job. Tony Iommi worked in a steel factory before joining the band. In the factory he had an accident and lost the tips of his middle and ring fingers. He was no longer able to do this job but he could still play the guitar.

Keith Richards was not always the object of many women’s desires. When he was young he worked as a ball boy for a tennis club. He reported the people that played at the club as not being too nice.

Mick Jagger was not always putting his lips to good use with the Rolling Stones. Before gaining fame with the band he worked as a porter for a mental hospital. Talk about a  job. It was reported that only made four pounds a week. This was hardly anything to get by on. Now that he is a rock star he it is a good bet that he is making more money than this. When he was younger Mick Jagger also sounds ice cream for a refrigerated truck.

Things don’t have to be this way, even as a struggling artist you can retrain to improve your career prospects.

Careers in forklift truck driving will be around for a long time and being qualified with a licence will look great for employers.

Before finding success with Nirvana Kurt Cobain had a very depressing job. He worked as a janitor for Lemons Janitorial Service. He had to clean up all different kinds of filth. No wonder why his song were so grungy

The next job has to be one of the worst of all rock star. Joe Strummer from the band The Clash worked as a grave digger. He worked at the St Woolos Cemetery which is located in Newport, Wales.

Even members of the legendary band the Beach Boys did not have the best jobs before they were famous. Al Jardine worked as a bus boy before he and the rest of the band hit is big.

Simon Le Bon from the band Duran Duran had a series of  jobs before the band became famous. He worked as an assistant to a milkman and as a hospital porter.

Rock singers were not always living the good. Things were not always sex, drugs, and rock and roll for them. Before becoming famous there were many famous band members that held  jobs at one time or another.