Top New UK bands of 2014

new bands in the uk

Bands have been a source of entertainment in the UK. There are some well known bands that have stood the test of time. Though they have it going on, more bands are coming up that are worth the mention. These bands are gaining popularity despite that they are just getting started. In the UK, the up and coming bands vary across all sorts of musical genres. From rock, R&B, and even pop. The following is a list of UK. bands that are upcoming and promising.

Dalia Band

Dalia is a band that is branding itself in the rock genre of music. It consists of three members namely Nathan Day, Dave Williams and Jack Bentham. Dave plays bass and Jack the drums. One of the tracks you need to watch out for that is putting this band on the map other than their earlier releases includes their latest release Candyman. Even with their first EP, the fan response was outstanding. The opportunity that rock music is growing is clearly an indication that this band is just in the beginning.

Royal Blood Band

Royal band is another rock bank from Brighton. It is a male two-person band consisting of a bass guitar and a drum kit. The two players are Mike Kerr who plays the bass and vocals and Ben Thatcher who plays the drums. The release that placed them in the map is Out of the Black since it was also included in the BBC Sound of 2014. When talking of upcoming, this band is out to make an impression. Having known each other at a tender age of 15, they very well understand each other and coming together musically is now a great idea. The band’s choice of name matches the type of music genre. This upcoming rock band creates one of the most outstanding riff-heavy power rock.

Honey Blood Band

Honey Blood is a female rock band that consists of a guitarist and a drummer. Stina Tweeddale is a vocalist and the guitarist while Shona McVicar is the drummer. Their popularity has been backed up by gaining airplay on BBC 6 Music and Amazing Radio. The release of the song SuperRat is one of their most captivating releases for rock funs.